Our primary mission has been to provide an environment where chess players can learn, compete, and connect. We are therefore happy to announce the launch of a new learning program...

Online Group Lessons with Grandmaster Akshayraj (Raj) Kore

The new online group classes are available for three tiers of players:

  • Beginner (600-1100 US Chess Rating)

  • Intermediate (1100-1400)

  • Advanced (1400-1800)

The size of each group class is limited to 10 people.

Note: Unrated beginners who need to learn how to move the pieces as well as the rules of chess should contact Manasota Chess Center for an alternate class.

Class Schedule

Group online classes are comprised of twelve 1-hour-per-week sessions, starting on Saturday, April 23, 2022.  Class times for each player tier will be:

  • Beginner -- 11am to 12noon

  • Intermediate -- 1pm to 2pm

  • Advanced -- 3pm to 4pm

Class Synopsis

Class Fees and Registration

All classes will cover skill-appropriate content on the “Kore” Principles of Chess. Grandmaster (GM) Kore will work on developing Calculation and Strategy skills of students. These classes are a must for any player that aspires to compete in chess tournaments and increase their rating. Calculation & Strategic Thinking are the core skills a chess player should possess to win games against high-rated opponents. You have to plan how to attack your opponent and anticipate the opponent's plans in
advance. But how do you know what your plan should be? How do you know what your opponent's plan is? GM Kore will build the foundational "thinking skills" on how to answer these questions during the game.

About Grandmaster Kore

Hourly class fees per student will be:

  • Beginner -- $20

  • Intermediate -- $35

  • Advanced -- $45

If you have any questions, please contact the Manasota Chess Center at 941-313-5589.

GM Kore hails from India. Since 2013 he has been a resident of United States. He was one of the top juniors of India, winning U-12, U-14 and U-16 National Championships from 2000-2006. He became an International Master in 2006 at the age of 18 years old. He has won multiple International Tournaments, such as the Asian championships, Commonwealth Games and a Bronze Medal in Youth Chess Olympiad 2003. He was ranked No.2 in the Indian National Championships in 2008. In 2013, he became India's 32nd Grandmaster.

During his college years, he played in the President's Cup (final four of college chess) and beat rising star GM Wesley So (ranked #6 in the world, as of March 2022).


Beyond chess, GM Kore also has achieved a successful career in software development. He was previously employed by Oracle, and currently works for Capital One Financial as Software Engineering Manager. His ability to balance a business career with competitive chess, is a unique attribute that inspires his students.

Additional Sources on GM Kore

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