Our Advantage

The Manasota Chess Center (MCC) is quickly becoming the go-to place for chess in Sarasota and surrounding counties. And there are several reasons why:

  • Venue: We do not share our space with any other organizations, allowing us to create a unique, attractive, and modernized environment for chess players.

  • Availability: We are open 3 days per week.

  • Convenience and Accessibility: At the MCC, parking, accessing, playing, and eating are easy, so you can focus on enjoying chess.

    • Our location at the mall provides convenient parking and is accessible for those with disabilities.

    • Chess sets and clocks are provided by the MCC – so players don’t need to bring their own “gear”.

    • Multiple choices for food and dining are available at or near the mall.

  • Chess Programs: We provide a one-stop-shop for chess, with a robust array of programs for learning and competition. Some of our key programs include:

    • GM-led online group lessons and on-site group lessons by USCF certified coaches.

    • Member-only chess study groups.

    • USCF-rated tournaments (Quad, Swiss, and Blitz).

    • Member-only chess ladder.

  • Member Savings: Free and/or discounted services and programs for MCC members include:

    • $5 off MCC tournament fees.

    • $5 off USCF memberships submitted by the MCC.

    • Free chess study groups.

    • Borrow chess books from the MCC library.