Member Chess Ladder


While player participation in our monthly USCF-rated chess tournaments has continued to rise, several Manasota Chess Center members do not have the time or interest to compete in multiple-round tournaments. However, these same players are interested in competitive match opportunities that are less time-consuming.  

To address this need within our membership base, we have introduced a weekly Member-Only Chess Ladder.

  • Initial positions on the ladder are determined by USCF ratings.  New ladder members are added to the bottom of the ladder.

  • You may challenge anyone who is one, two, three, or four spots above you on the ladder.  

  • If you are challenged (challenge method should be formalized, not just walking up to someone) to a ladder game, and you are not already in a game, and if there are at least 30 minutes available to play, you must play. A refusal to play is treated as a loss. 

  • Ladder games must be played with a clock at a time control of G40;d5

  • Players can schedule their ladder chess matches by mutual agreement, during operating hours for the Manasota Chess Center.  For the latest weekly schedule of operating days/hours, click here

  • The player making the challenge plays black.  The person being challenged plays white. 

  • If the lower-ranked player wins, the lower-ranked player takes the higher-ranked player’s spot on the ladder, and the higher-ranked player moves down one spot.

  • If the higher-ranked player wins, there is no change in the players’ ladder rankings.

  • If the game ends in a draw, the lower-ranked player takes the spot just below the higher-ranked player.  A Manasota Chess Center coach or tournament director must approve Draws by agreement.

  • After a ladder game is played, at least one of the players must play a ladder game against someone else before they are allowed to play each other again.

  • The ladder match results and rankings will be displayed on the Manasota Chess Center website under the “Programs” menu.

There is no fee for Manasota Chess Center members to participate in the Ladder.